Letters to My Daughter- November 2013

To my baby girl,

You are so special!  I’ve so enjoyed watching you be the boss and learning to play with your little brother, not just your big one.  Yet you transfer seamlessly to playing with big brother when he’s home, too.  That’s a rare trait– relating to different ages and getting along with them equally.  You’re learning to be a problem solver and I am so proud of you.

Of course, I hope you don’t solve your problems with sticks…

But I do hope you always find joy in your successes and in your life in general!

We all love you, sweet girl.  You’re such a team player (maybe that’s the middle child in you?), but quite opinionated.  We’re so lucky to have you in our family! And not just because you help our photos get cuter 😉 (though, when Daddy says you’re cute, you say you’re not!  I think you think that “cute” means “little” and you definitely don’t want to be little!).

Much love,


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