Noise {Life + Lens Blog Circle}

I get frustrated with the noise in my house a lot.  So much whining or screaming or talking or echoing or stomping or music…. the list goes on.  I miss quiet sometimes.  But then I think- the noise is here because of my wonderful children.  And I love them, and I embrace them, and I will thoroughly miss the noise when they are grown.

Those silly faces and the noisy laughter that comes along with them.

The noisy prayers in our house, especially on Christmas morning, because being reverent is a hard skill to learn.
(Yes!  That’s me!  We set the camera to take a photo every 20 seconds for a few hours Christmas morning to record our day exactly how it was, with all of us participating and fully present!)

The shrieking when the kids are playing, sometimes happy and sometimes not.

There’s so much noise I can’t hear myself think sometimes… but I love it.  I really do, even if I don’t some days.  Just one of the joys of being a mother! 🙂

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